Ludruk Show

Ludruk is one of the Javanese cultures which has its own history, as an East Java cultural legacy from a poor people, but has a unique sturcture and management to apllied in real life, organization and Professional life.

It was started as art group wanderer played with just a few people, but afterwards it grew and starts to perform on a local event. Ludruk was earned a good name back then, it was controllable by the government and Japanese Government. Cak Durasim, one of the most famous Ludruk figure very frequent to performed his Ludrukan, and often spit some of harsh critics for Japanese.

Pagupon Omahe Doro..
Melok Nippon Tambah Sengsoro..
Tuku Klepon ndhu Setasiun
Melok Nippon gak Oleh pensiun

History of Ludruk and example
Kirun and Marwoto (Ludruk Artist)

Translation :
Bekupon are Pigeon’s nest
Nippon suffer us best
Buy some klepon at Station
Nippon doesnt grant us pension .

His poem above becomes legendary these days, very provokative and considered as insulting Japan. Right after His shows, He was captured and threw to jail for couple years, after a while he died.…

History of Ludruk shows us that this art form cannot be taken lightly compared to another art form. Ludruk once has invited to Presidential Palace. Nowadays, Ludruk organization has been spreaded out and growing bigger.Jombang, Surabaya, Malang and Pasuruan has it, but the audiences came from villager and peasant, Townsfolk are very rare seen on those shows. THR Mall at Surabaya is one place to perform ludruk but it is very hard to attract audiences, most audiences think that Ludruk is nothing compared with Dangdut shows. Survive! That is Ludruk’s motto, trying to breathe a little longer on these days.

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